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Cookbook Printing

 A cookbook needs to be appealing, colourful, and of good quality in order to impress prospective buyers. Successful cookbooks don't just have good recipes, but also a great design and good format. They contain vivid pictures of the dishes and food items, readable and clear font, and attractive covers that catch the eye instantly. At Yes Book Printing, we understand book design concepts and know how to make the cookbook appealing to your target audience.


What do we focus on?


We have ample experience in cookbook printing and understand the process well. Cookbooks are unique because they can’t be replaced easily by a digital copy as other books are. A cook wants free access to the book during cooking time so they can turn the pages to switch between different parts of the recipe, look for specific information, and not worry about food-stained fingers touching the pages. We design books by keeping these aspects in mind and focus on:


  • The artwork – Cookbooks are boring and unappealing if they only have text content and no pictures or photographs. Great cookbooks aren't just informative, but they're also display-worthy. Prospective book owners will like to display their colourful and attractive book on the bookshelf or in the kitchen. That's why it's important to ensure the artwork is pretty and the photographs stand out in print.


  • The font and format – Cooks aren't going to pick up the book or lean forward to read the text. They want to be able to view the content from a reasonable distance while they prepare the food. We make sure the font and format of the cookbook are clear and legible so cooks can read it comfortably.


  • Colours – We use the latest in printing technology to ensure all the colours in the cookbook pop and are bright. Faded and dull colours can compromise the appeal of the book and that can have an impact on the sales. Cooks also use pictures and photographs of the dish as a guideline for garnishing and plating so we make sure these pictures are detailed and vivid. 


What do we offer?


  • Design to print services – We handle all aspects of the cookbook printing process from design to printing. Our experts will guide you through the process to ensure you choose the right kind of format, unique and appealing design, and the best size for your book. Once the book design is finalised, we will print and ship them to you.


  • Samples – We provide samples of the book to our customers so they can check if the design and quality are right before they confirm the order. You can alter the design at this stage if you're unsatisfied with some aspect of it.


  • Excellent quality control – We implement meticulous quality control to ensure all of our books are printed well and there are no flaws in them before we ship them to our customers. We also have 100% return policy if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the books.


For any additional information about our cookbook printing services, feel free to call Yes Book Printing on +86-18127294620 or simply drop us a line at this email address. You can also contact us via Skype- yesbookprinting.

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