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Children Book Printing

 Children’s books are an important part of their childhood. They help with language development and stimulate a child’s imagination. At Yes Book Printing, we have handled children book printing for several years now and understand how to make the books appealing and attractive. Our experts focus on the aesthetic of the book and include bright colours, clear print, and appealing designs. This encourages the children to read more and focus on the content of the pages without being distracted.


Different types of children’s book printing


  • Children’s pop-up book printing – A pop-up book is very appealing to children because they offer a more interactive experience. The images and artwork on the book remain flat when the book is closed but when it's open, the image pops up and transforms into a 3D form. This book requires a specific printing technique. We have ample experience with pop-up children book printing and will make sure the pop-ups work as you expect them to.


  • Board book printing – Children’s books are more likely to experience rough use, wear and tear. They won’t handle books as carefully as teenagers and adults. Board books are a great way to ensure the book lasts and aren’t damaged by your child’s rough handling. We use excellent quality board material and make sure the print stands out on every page.


  • Softcover children’s book printing – Softcover books are great for older children who know how to handle books carefully. These books are lighter in weight and easier to carry around, which can encourage your child to read. These books are more convenient for travel as well because they won’t add much weight to your luggage.


  • Hardcover children’s book printing – Hardcover books are more durable compared to softcover books, but they’re not as heavy or bulky as the board book. They strike the right balance between design, resilience, and appeal. We use good quality paper on both the cover and the pages within to ensure it can handle rough use.


Why choose us?


  • All books are printing using the latest printing equipment and techniques. You can be certain the colours will be bright and the text will be clear.


  • Our experts can help with all aspects of the printing process and this includes design. They offer advice on the size of the book, the size and design of the font, and other such features.


  • We’re completely dedicated to quality and double check everything before the products are shipped to our customers.


  • We offer different types of binding options and they include Smyth sewed and case binding, perfect binding, wire-o binding, concealed wire-o, saddle stitch or wire binding, spiral bound, sewn, and perfect binding.


We also focus on quality and use the best materials and inks during the printing process. These books are safe for your children to handle and can help them develop a lifelong habit of reading.


For any additional information about our children book printing services, feel free to call Yes Book Printing on +86-18127294620 or simply drop us a line at this email address. You can also contact us via Skype- yesbookprinting.

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