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Brochure Printing

Most companies use various digital marketing techniques to widen their reach and make a brand impact. But when you balance the use of digital and traditional marketing techniques, you will be able to make better impact on your audience. With this in view, using brochures as marketing tools is an excellent way to introduce your services and products to your customers. You can print company-related information in an interesting and concise manner and convince customers to opt for your products or services.


But in order for that to happen, you need high quality printing, great designs and excellent paper. Poor quality brochures will have a negative impact on the reputation of your company as it will leave a very bad impression on your customers. We at Yes Book Printing offer outstanding brochure printing solutions and are known for our vivid prints and high quality printing output.


When you hand out good quality brochures at trade fairs, business events and other venues, it helps build a very positive image in the minds of existing and prospective customers as they know they are dealing with a company that takes its business seriously.


Different brochure formats


There are a number of different brochure formats available and a range of printing techniques are used in them. The fold of the document generally determines the brochure printing format as that dictates where the images and content have to be placed. Some of the most popular formats are as follows:


·         Bi-fold

·         Tri-fold

·         Inserts

·         Flyers/no-fold brochures

·         Multi-page

·         Gate-fold

·         Accordion-fold

·         Double gate-fold

·         Cross-fold

·         Double-fold

·         Roll-fold

·         Folders


Once you specify what your requirement is and send us the design, images and content, our experts will handle the rest. Our team of experienced in-house designers can also offer advice on the brochure’s format and design if you aren’t too sure about what options would work best for you.


Custom options


We recognise that every business will have certain requirements when it comes to brochure printing and so we offer a number of custom options such as:


·         Paper qualities- Art paper, offset paper, crafts paper, grey board and Bible paper etc.

·         Printing techniques- 4 colour, black & white, Pantone colour, and varnish, etc.

·         Finishes- Glossy/matte lamination, embossing/debossing, aqueous/UV coating, glossy or matte varnishing, flocking, hot stamping, glitter, die-cutting.

·         Different brochure sizes


Why choose us?


Choosing the right brochure printing company is one of the best ways to ensure that you get excellent services and products. We excel on many fronts and you benefit from hiring us for all your brochure printing needs because:


·         We maintain highly competitive pricing

·         We never compromise on quality and you are always assured of the best print quality and paper

·         There will never be any delays on order delivery and we have very fast turnaround times

·         We also cater to urgent orders if that’s what you need

·         You will first receive a free sample of your brochure so you can approve the design and quality before we proceed with the entire order.


For any additional information about our book printing services, feel free to call Yes Book Printing on +86-18127294620 or simply drop us a line at this email address. You can also contact us via Skype- yesbookprinting.

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