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Book Printing

Book Printing


Book printing involves a significant expense, as it involves labour, material and printing machines; the cost is higher when you are printing them in larger quantities. While many customers are on tight budgets, they still don’t want to compromise on the print quality and this is where we at Yes Printing come into the picture. We provide custom, high quality printing services and deliver attractive, high-quality books.


Book printing- different types of books


We understand that every customer has different needs and requirements when it comes to printing books and cater to your specifications. When you opt for our book printing services, all you have to do is send us your design ideas and the content and leave the rest to use. The different types of books we print include:


·         Hard cover

·         Soft cover

·         Booklets

·         Book sets

·         Full colour printing books

·         Children’s books


Regardless of what your requirements are, we are the experts that can provide excellent quality books. The state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated printing techniques we use ensure all the books have good quality printing.


Customised Solutions


As mentioned earlier, we provide custom book printing in China and you will get books that match your specific requirements using a mix-and-match of these options:


·         Page size- European size is 210x297mm, Chinese size- 210x285mm. The maximum available size -700x1000mm

·         Page quality and GSM-Standard book printing will be done on 60 to 80 GSM paper

·         Cover thickness

·         Binding techniques


How we excel


There are a number of Australia-based printing companies, but very few would be able to provide the perfect balance of quality and affordability. Take a look at how you benefit when you choose to get book printing done from us:


·         Cost– Bulk book printing orders can be prohibitively expensive and if you want vivid, high-resolution printing on top quality paper, the cost can escalate even further. You will find that we maintain very competitive pricing and if you need to order more than 500 copies of a book, we are the experts to contact.


·         Honest pricing – We’ll offer very accurate pricing and maintain transparency in our billing systems, provide an upfront quote and there are never any hidden costs.


·         Experience – We have been in existence since 1999 and have the expertise to handle a variety of printing jobs; that means you can expect the best services and products from us.


·         Quality – Our company never compromises on quality and only the best paper, printing machines and ink, binding glue etc. are used; and what you get are well-finished, high quality books.


·         Design Support – On board our team are experienced designers that can provide you all the information you need about our book printing process and can advise you in the quality and size of the pages and more. This helps you make a well-informed decision.


For any additional information about our book printing services, feel free to call Yes Book Printing on +86-18127294620 or simply drop us a line at this email address. You can also contact us via Skype- yesbookprinting.

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