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Trend of catalogue printing design

As the competitiveness of the market now more and more strong, no matter what the enterprise image to its increase in importance, many enterprises in order to better promote its image, to make his own catalogue propaganda album, related enterprise catalogue printing is an important way of propaganda and promotion, for example in the exhibition, can your company design the catalogues to display.

If the catalogue is played properly, it can bring good benefits to the enterprise. Now the market is filled with a lot of promotional catalogue album, there are exquisite, ingenious ideas, a rough creation, the performance of general, it can be said that is a mixed, multifarious, to stand out from the numerous competitors, we need to carefully design their own catalogues for publicity.

How to do well the catalogue, we'll be the first to design your first draft, but many enterprises in order to pass the pictorial form of comparison to show strength, enterprise catalogue design less thick, dozens of pages, many hundreds of pages, size is becoming more and more big, seems to be the thicker, the larger the catalogue design, enterprise strength is stronger also.

Actually, this is a serious mistake, the size of the thick book or folio does not represent the strength of the enterprise, in fact, the thicker the catalogue design is, the bigger, the more inconvenient the enterprise related personnel is in the use process, for example, when the marketing personnel visits the customer, too thick picture book is a very real burden.

In particular, it is worth pondering that the content of the catalogue design is done more and more similarly.

Most of the catalogue design structures are: the opening photo and address of the chairman, President or general manager, the company profile and organizational structure, the manufacturing strength, installation strength and technical strength, and the final presentation of a list of similar projects on behalf of the project.

The catalogue design of the entire steel structure industry is rarely innovative, let alone any big ideas.

This leads directly to catalogue designs that do not reflect the company's strength properly.

This is mainly due to the lack of planning thought guidance in the production process of enterprise catalogue design, resulting in a monotonous picture album situation.

The enterprise catalogue design should capture the soul of the enterprise. If there is no soul, everything is empty and weak.

More and more catalogues are used by enterprises. Catalogue printing will become more and more common and extensive in our future life. Therefore, we should make more innovations in design to produce more exquisite catalogues.

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